A Public Space Dream

A Public Space Dream
Main Topic
Mobility - Ownership of Public Space
Additional Topic(s)
2-4 hours
Implementation Mode
Outdoor F2F
● Young people pay deliberate attention to public spaces in their city

● Young people get to know their city better

● They get in discussion about public space and share ideas to improve it

● Promotion of creative skills

Expected Results

Young people take a stroll through their city and get to know it better. They also pay attention to public spaces and start thinking about it. Then they get creative and think of individual ways to improve public spaces.
Overview of Activity
Have you ever paid attention to the public spaces in your city?

Take a stroll through the streets of your city and pay good attention. Where are public spaces in your city? How are they marked; how can they be found? How are they decorated?

A lot of public spaces are not well used. They are often neglected or simply empty. But there are surely better ways to use this public space.

Have you got better ideas for a public space? Good! Because with this activity we want you to create your own public space.
Description of Activity
1. Take a stroll through your city and pay good attention to public spaces.

- What purpose do they serve?

- How are they created?

- What use could you take out of public spaces?

2. Discuss what you saw with your group.

3. Get active! Think about how you would use a public space. What purpose would your public space fulfill? How would it look?

4. Create a poster about your public space. Draw the public space of your mind or use pictures to create a collage.

5. Share your public spaces with the others and discuss your outcomes.

6. Think and talk about:

- How much would it cost to create this public space?

- Who would need to build this public space?

- Would you know where to get permission?

- Who owns public spaces in your city? And could you change that?

Sources & Additional Materials
Needed materials are: posters, pens, pencils, scissors, glue
Additional Notes
Inspirational TEDx Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USmTQeKRaP4 (English)

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