All For All

All For All
Main Topic
Empowerment and Inclusion – Cultural Identity
Additional Topic(s)
Empowerment and Inclusion – Diversity
Empowerment and Inclusion – Ethnic Identity
2-4 hours
Implementation Mode
Outdoor F2F

● Meet new people from different parts of the world
● Learn to listen
● Learn to start a conversation (about nationalities)
● Get to know different cultures
● Get to know different cultures in your city

Expected Results
Young people will learn to start a conversation and to listen. Also, they will start to see their city with different eyes. They will learn more about migration through storytelling and will learn to appreciate a multicultural lifestyle in a city.

Overview of Activity
Every city is a multicultural environment. But, do we ever pay attention to it when we just stroll around? There are many shops, many shopkeepers and service providers from different nations.

With this activity you will take a stroll through your multicultural city and take a closer look at all of the nationalities combined in your city.

You will listen to their stories and learn from them. Where do they come from? How long do they live in this city? Was it always their dream to open up a shop or a business? Did they have other jobs before?

Everybody has their own life story. It is important to listen and learn from those stories. And who knows how these stories will continue?
Description of Activity

1. If you are a big group, divide into smaller groups. Every group can then stroll through a different district or area in your city.

2. Depending on the city you can also divide intro streets or whatever you feel safe to do.

3. Before you go out, think about questions you want to ask. Make sure that you ask appreciative and respectful questions and be sensitive.

4. Take a notepad, pen and a city map with you and wander through your city. But this time: keep your eyes open for businesses from different nations.

5. Have you spotted a shop/restaurant/service provider? Go in and take a look around. What do they offer? Is there anything new to you? Anything you want to try? Ask around and get information about the products or services and make conversation with the owner (if present)

6. Ask questions like:
- I see that you are offering products from …. does your family also come from …?
- May I ask you, have you always been here? …. or since when have you been living here?

ATTENTION: To ask someone “where do you come from” is a personal question. A lot of people migrating from different countries are often confronted with racism. Be very careful, appreciative and sensitive when you ask questions about a person. Do not make them feel uncomfortable or unwelcome. Be kind!

Sources & Additional Materials
You need a city maps, notepads and pens for participants.
Additional Notes

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