All-Inclusive Sports Club

All-Inclusive Sports Club
Main Topic
Mobility – Sports
Additional Topic(s)
Empowerment and Inclusion – Diversity
Empowerment and Inclusion – Special Needs
Health - Physical
1+ day
Implementation Mode
Outdoor F2F

● Explore ways to include people in physical activity
● Bring isolated individuals together

Expected Results
To have fun and build a sense of community

Overview of Activity
Setting up a local sports club for people of all abilities.
Description of Activity

1. Put a post on social media/board in local supermarket to inform people of the All-Inclusive Sports Club (with a meeting date?).

2. Ask a local pitch/club/community center/school for access to their space for X hours on Y days. Connect with a location that also has indoor facilities in case the
weather is bad.</span>

3. Hold a meeting with interested parties in order to explore what sports are of interest and what each person can contribute.

4. Put a timetable together for the activities.

5. Get first aid equipment.

6. Sign in sheet for the day.

Sources & Additional Materials
Additional Notes

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