Alphabet Trail

Alphabet Trail
Main Topic
Mobility - Ownership of Public Space
Additional Topic(s)
1-2 hours
Implementation Mode
Outdoor F2F

● Attention to the area they live in
● Become aware of resources
● Promote of creative skills
● Work as a group

Expected Results
Young people learn to pay attention to the area they live in. They will become aware of resources and promote their creative skills. Furthermore, they will work together as a group and create a powerful message just by using pictures.

Overview of Activity
With this activity you are taking a little stroll through your city and take pictures of objects in alphabetical order. You need to work together as a group to get all letters from your alphabet.
After that create a message with your picture – letters. For a message you will need some letters more than once, be aware of that.
Description of Activity

1. Think of a powerful message you would like to send to all your colleagues in your school work environment or youth club.

2. Write the message down to make sure that you will not forget a letter.

3. Split the letters up. Everyone should come back with 3 picture – letters. If you are a big group split the group into two and create two posters with the same message or different ones.

4. Now take your smartphones and go out for a walk through your city.

5. You should now take pictures of objects that either start with the letter you need or show the letter.

6. By the end of this activity you should be able to create your message by just using your pictures. Others need to be able to view and read your message.

7. When you collected all your letters come back to your school/work/youth club and create a poster with your pictures. You can either print them and create a poster or you can choose an online platform that everyone can access and create a poster online.

8. RULES: do not picture or message anything about religion, politics, sexual orientation and do not steal existing collages!

Sources & Additional Materials
● Smartphone
● Printer, scissors and glue or digital platform
Additional Notes

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