Main Topic
Mobility – Sports
Additional Topic(s)
Health - Physical
30-60 minutes
Implementation Mode
Outdoor F2F
● Teambuilding
● Self-esteem
● Strategic thinking
● Good for mental and physical health

Expected Results
Young people will learn to be team players and gain self-esteem as well as ambition. They will learn to work together for a common goal. They will also learn more about strategic thinking and playing fair.
Overview of Activity
Basketball is an easy game played by small groups indoors or outdoors. As it is a well known game, the rules are quick and easy to get to know. Furthermore, you won’t need many materials or time for preparation, except for a basketball.
Description of Activity
1. Built two teams with 5 team members each.
2. Explain the rules to team members who never played basketball before:
When you are in possession of the pass, you need to dribble or bounce the ball with one hand and you need to move your feet (run). It is not allowed to run with your ball in your arms or hands. If you stand still with the ball in your hands you lose possession of the ball and the other team gets the ball. Once dribbled and stopped, you are not allowed to start dribbling again. You would need to pass the ball to a team member. There is no physical contact allowed. You are only allowed to try and gain the ball possession by touching the ball or catching the ball during a pass. You can also gain ball possession if the ball gets lost out of hand from a person while dribbling.
You are not allowed to hit or kick the ball. If the ball is travelling downward towards the basket or if it is on the rim, you are not allowed to try and touch the ball.
For easier counting, just count baskets. To gain a basket the ball needs to travel through the basket completely.
3. The team with the most balls through the basket wins.
Sources & Additional Materials
● Basketball
● Basketball Hoop
● Sport shoes
Additional Notes

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