“Bunny Bunny”

“Bunny Bunny”
Main Topic
Solidarity - Social Activities
Additional Topic(s)
Solidarity - Civic Activities
5-30 minutes
Implementation Mode
Indoor F2F
(Learning) goals
• To enhance teamwork and coordination.
• To promote active participation and engagement.
• To develop quick reflexes and attentiveness in a group setting.
Expected Results
• Participants will develop better coordination and teamwork skills while enjoying a fun, energetic activity. The group will also experience increased engagement and a sense of inclusion.
Overview of Activity
“Bunny Bunny” is a fun, interactive game designed to foster teamwork, coordination, and engagement among participants. The activity involves passing an imaginary bunny between participants using specific movements and phrases. It progresses through multiple levels, adding layers of complexity and group involvement.
Description of Activity
1. Form a Circle: Participants start by forming a circle.

2. Introduction of the Game: Explain the purpose of the game — to pass an imaginary bunny between participants using a specific movement and phrase.

3. Level 1: Passing the Bunny:
The participant starts by making a bunny-ear gesture with two fingers and directs it towards themselves while saying 'bunny bunny.'
They then point their bunny ears towards another person in the circle and repeat 'bunny bunny,' thus passing the bunny to that person.

4. Level 2: Group Support:
While the bunny is being passed, participants who do not have the bunny should support by saying 'uh ah, uh ah' and clapping their hands on their legs.

5. Level 3: Side Participants’ Action:
The two participants besides the person who has the bunny should turn their bodies towards the person with the bunny and say 'tukitukitukituki' while moving their arms and bodies.

6. Continuous Play:
The bunny continues to be passed around the circle with all participants keeping up the 'uh ah' and 'tukituki' actions, creating a lively and coordinated group dynamic.
Sources & Additional Materials
• No materials needed. Ensure there is enough space for participants to form a circle comfortably.
Additional Notes
This activity can be adapted for different age groups and group sizes. Ensure all participants are comfortable with the actions and phrases before starting.

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