Community Impact Tour

Community Impact Tour
Main Topic
Mobility - Ownership of Public Space
Additional Topic(s)
Empowerment and Inclusion – Cultural Identity
Solidarity - Participation
1-2 hours
Implementation Mode
Indoor F2F
Inspire the young people to become changemakers in their local community.
Overview of Activity
To raise awareness among young people about the local impacts of climate change in their community and inspire them to take action.
Description of Activity
1. Ask participants to draw out their local community on the map provided (in e-book using the support of google maps). In small groups, ask participants to mark areas that are susceptible to climate change impacts (e.g., coastal areas prone to flooding, green spaces affected by drought). Encourage discussions within the groups about why these areas are vulnerable and how the changes might affect residents.
2. Facilitate a discussion about what they observed, their thoughts, and feelings about the local impact of climate change. Prompt them to consider how these changes could affect their community's quality of life, economy, and future.
3. In their small groups, ask participants to brainstorm potential actions that could address or mitigate the observed climate change impacts. Encourage creative
thinking and practical solutions that can be implemented by individuals, groups, or the community as a whole.
4. Each small group presents their brainstormed actions to the larger group. Encourage participants to discuss the feasibility, potential benefits, and challenges of their proposed actions.
5. Wrap up the activity by having each participant write down one action they commit to taking to address local climate change impacts. Create a collective pledge board or banner where participants can add their commitments.
Sources & Additional Materials
Sources: BEST Online Climate Change Course for Young People
Additional Notes

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