Emotions Letterbox

Emotions Letterbox
Main Topic
Health – Mental
Additional Topic(s)
Empowerment and Inclusion – Special Needs
Solidarity - Participation
5-30 minutes
Implementation Mode
Indoor F2F
- to increase the level of empathy among young people

- to normalise certain issues and problems experienced by adolescents

- to make young people reflect on the issue of mental health every day

Overview of Activity
The activity aims to raise awareness among young people on the topic of mental health by allowing them to express their problems and negative moods anonymously. Through the drawing and daily reading of some anonymous cards, discussions are opened from the difficult situations described on them. The anonymity and open discussion provides a space in which answers and advice can be potentially shared.
Description of Activity
A letterbox is set up in the classroom. Students during the week have the opportunity to enter anonymous messages about personal problems they are facing.

The activity takes place weekly on a fixed day and at a certain time and it consists of reading out some anonymous messages left in the letterbox. The educator, after reading the extracted message, gives the floor to the class to discuss the message.

The educator facilitates the discussion with the students, encouraging and prompting them to share their point of view. In this way, the author of the message can get interesting reflections and possible solutions to their personal problem. At the same time, the other participants can reflect on the situations described in the messages. The activity can last a maximum of thirty minutes. However, if there is still time available after discussing one message, it is possible to proceed with the reading of a second note.
Sources & Additional Materials
Materials: paper, pens and a letterbox
Additional Notes
Activity developed by the students participating in the workshop held on 28/02/23 at the “Istituto di Istruzione Superiore Peano” in Turin.

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