Fire in the hotel

Fire in the hotel
Main Topic
Solidarity – Participation
Additional Topic(s)
Solidarity - Social Activities
30-60 minutes
Implementation Mode
Indoor F2F
- Teamwork
- Communication

Desired outcomes:
Recognition of own feelings, sense of cooperation, participants' reactions.
Overview of Activity
The activity is designed to promote teamwork among participants. Through the experience participants learn to cooperate and regulate their emotions and reactions.
Description of Activity
Prepare the room in advance by scattering chairs around the room.
Mark the emergency exit with tape on the floor (two parallel lines approximately 5 metres long and 1 metre apart).
Blindfold all but three of the group. The blind participants are taken to a room where chairs are scattered all over the place. There is also a marked emergency exit.

The leader tells the participants the following scenario:
There is a fire in the hotel. The hotel guests have taken refuge in a smoke-filled fire-proof room and have to wear blindfolds over their eyes. Now they have to leave the room quickly; they have an emergency exit tape to help them. There is a hellish noise in the room, symbolised by the music - the radio with its crackling.
The rescue team, consisting of three participants, is outside the room. They have one minute to meet the participant at the door and get him past the emergency exit barrier. The participants must not take off the tape, as this will re-trigger the alarm, the door will close and the alarm will be activated again. When the rescuers open the door, the alarm is terminated.

Sources & Additional Materials
Krajnčan, M. (2016): Od igre do projekta
Additional Notes
• Teamwork, group work, experiential learning

• Three tape measures, tape (wide), chairs, stopwatch, music

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