Food Collection

Food Collection
Main Topic
Solidarity – Volunteering
Additional Topic(s)
Health - General
Solidarity - Civic Activities
2-4 hours
Implementation Mode
Outdoor F2F
The aim of the activity is to involve young people in a voluntary action and to make them more aware of food waste. Throughout the activity, cooperation with neighbourhood markets and shops will be encouraged. The main objective is therefore to develop solidarity by collecting food surpluses, distributing it to those who might need it, and promoting awareness and education on the topic of food waste.
Overview of Activity
The activity aims to involve young people in the recovery and distribution phase of food surpluses. Food destined for waste will be recovered and distributed to people living in marginalised conditions.
Description of Activity
Everyone has the right to healthy, fresh and nutritious food. Similarly, it is everyone's duty to avoid food waste. The aim of the proposed activity is the reduction of food poverty through the recovery and distribution of surplus and discarded food, in favour of disadvantaged people. This activity thus also acts on the value system by giving food waste a value as a reusable resource.

For the activity to be successful, it is recommended to have already made contact with one or more local voluntary organisations involved in the distribution of food to people in need. It is important to identify at which city market or area within the city the activity will take place and to which collection point the food will be taken for subsequent distribution.

Participants should visit market stands, neighbourhood shops, restaurants at closing time and ask if they can collect surplus fruit, vegetables, and other foodstuffs such as baked goods, that would otherwise go to waste.

The collected food will be transported to the collection and distribution point previously selected.
Sources & Additional Materials
Trolleys and baskets
Additional Notes

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