Main Topic
Mobility – Sports
Additional Topic(s)
Health - Physical
1-2 hours
Implementation Mode
Outdoor F2F
● teambuilding

● motivation

● ambition

● good for your health

Expected Results

Young people need to show teamwork to achieve a lot of goals. They also need to figure out a strategy on how to get close enough to the goal to win. Young people will do something good for their health and experience ambition, teambuilding, trust and self-esteem.
Overview of Activity
In this activity you go out and play football.

Football is a good opportunity to get healthy and build your team working skills.

As this is a game known by many it is easy played and does not need a lot of explanation.
Description of Activity
1. Get together in a group and split up into two teams

2. Prepare the Goals: This could be a real football goal or just objects that mark the goal.

3. Your youth worker is your referee

4. Choose two goalkeepers and distribute other roles (like striker or others) if you like

5. Now it’s up to you! You can either choose to play football by the book or just do penalty shooting.

6. It is also an option, that you break down the rules to a bare minimum:

No touching and fouling; the ball is only hit with your foot and your head, if someone touches the ball with their hand the ball goes to the opposite team; the team with the most goals wins;
Sources & Additional Materials
● Football

● Goal (or some objects to mark a goal)

● Sport shoes

● Grass area

Additional Notes

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