Hazel the bee

Hazel the bee
Main Topic
Solidarity - Social Activities
Additional Topic(s)
30-60 minutes
Implementation Mode
Outdoor F2F
- Children learn through play the importance of connection.
- children understand the power of cooperation through play
- children develop compassion through play
Overview of Activity
In this activity, players develop skills of cooperation, bonding and emotional literacy.
Description of Activity
All the bear players stand at one end of the playground and form a circle with a bee in it. Two steps out of this circle is a piece of cloth representing honey. The bears move in a circle around the bee when one of them grabs the honey and runs to the other side of the playground. The other bears follow suit.
The bee's job is to catch any bear after it has stolen the honey. If she catches the bear that stole her honey, two bears become bees, but if she catches any other bear, only that bear - the one she caught - becomes a bee.
The game continues until there is only one bear left in the game: the winner who managed to escape.
Sources & Additional Materials
Piece of cloth

Group work, pair work, individual work
Additional Notes

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