Let’s Organise a Concert!

Let's Organisse a Concert!
Main Topic
Solidarity - Civic Activities
Additional Topic(s)
Mobility - Visibility of Youth
Solidarity - Volunteering
Other - Music
1+ day
Implementation Mode
Indoor F2F
The activity makes young people the protagonists in the realisation of a cultural event for the benefit of their area by organising a public performance with the students of a music school. By taking part in the whole organisational process and communicating with the municipality for the necessary permits, young people will be able to experience voluntary work in the cultural sphere. The young people will be able to learn about the bureaucratic aspects of the organisational process and enhance their teamwork skills.
Overview of Activity
The aim of this activity is for young people to collaborate with a music school in the city or area where they live in organising a concert. The young people will have to attend a number of meetings in order to arrange all organisational, logistical and communication aspects in order to contribute to the success of the event (establishing the day, place, time, etc.).
Description of Activity
Young people will first have to make arrangements with the music school for the concert; on which date, the most suitable venue, and things like this. If the event is to be organised outdoors, it will be necessary to obtain permission from the municipality to set up the area appropriately. Likewise if it is possible to organise the event indoors, the young people could make arrangements with the municipality for the free use of a community hall.

It will be necessary to contact the students who wish to participate and if there is an orchestra to request their availability to perform. The young people should also make the event public by inviting and involving as many people as possible to attend the event (through flyers, word of mouth and sharing on social media). There must also be cooperation in moving the equipment and preparing the area/hall where the concert will take place. At the end of the performance, the young people will be required to take care of cleaning and tidying up the spaces used. To conclude the activity, a final meeting will be held between young people to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation and discuss possible solutions to the problems they have encountered.
Sources & Additional Materials
Musical instruments, microphones, portable music stands and amplification systems that the music school normally uses; benches and chairs for the audience.
Additional Notes
The concert can be free of charge, but a fund-raising campaign (for the benefit of the music school) or the winning of a prize for the performing musicians could also be implemented.

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