Lost treasure

Lost treasure
Main Topic
Solidarity – Participation
Additional Topic(s)
Solidarity - Social Activities
1-2 hours
Implementation Mode
Outdoor F2F
- Participation
- Teambuilding
- Good for your health
- Planning

Desired Outcomes:
Young people need to show teamwork to achieve the goal. They also need to come up with a strategy, and in doing so they will also do something good for their health.
Overview of Activity
This activity promotes cooperation between participants and encourages active participation.
Lost Treasure is a good opportunity to build team skills, to learn that during teamwork it is important how people in the team feel, how we plan, what the process is and how to follow the final goal. It is a good opportunity for self-reflection in crisis situations.
Description of Activity
● Group work, experiential learning

● Stable objects between the size of a tennis ball and a handball (for each participant and leader), blindfold (for each participant).
● Outside, meadow big enough for this game

Phase 1:
Invite participants to find an object of the size mentioned and place it somewhere in the meadow. The group should distribute the objects so that the meadow is used in its entirety. The strip (1.50) at the edge is left empty. The distance between the objects must be greater than 1.50. The leader also takes an object and places it in the most unoccupied place.

Phase 2 (planning):
The group is given the task of re-collecting the lost treasures and placing them in the middle of the meadow. The problem arises because they are blindfolded. The group has the opportunity to discuss and make a plan before starting the search. We can step on the meadow, but we cannot touch the objects, we cannot make any other markings or changes. The group does not know where we will blindfold them. They start searching when we blindfold them.

Phase 3 (search):
When the group has finished planning, we call them to the beginning of the meadow where we blindfold them again. The group decides when to stop the task or finish the search. The game ends when the first player unbinds his/her blindfold.

There are different strategies to reach a solution. Objects can be found individually, in small groups or all together.
After the activity, discuss how they felt during the activity, the advantages and disadvantages of the solution strategy they chose. Participants evaluate how they planned, how they took others into account and their behaviour in crisis situations. The focus is on teamwork.
Sources & Additional Materials
Krajnčan, M. (2016): Od igre do projekta
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