Never have I ever

Never have I ever
Main Topic
Solidarity – Participation
Additional Topic(s)
Empowerment and Inclusion – Cultural Identity
Empowerment and Inclusion – Ethnic Identity
1-2 hours
Implementation Mode
Indoor F2F
Young people will get to know each other and will learn to ask questions about others without being judgemental or rude.
Overview of Activity
In this version of never have I ever we try to find out more about our group members in a funny way. We can also use this game as an ice breaker or a brainstorm for activities everyone would enjoy and no one has done before.
Description of Activity
The Game
We sit in a circle and hold up 5 fingers.
Those fingers represent the 5 things we have never done before.
So whenever someone mentions something he/she has not done before, but I have, my finger goes down.

The Rules
The questions are not allowed to be about sex, sexuality, alcohol consumption, drug consumption, illegal activities and they are not allowed to be embarrassing or insulting.
If someone does not want to answer they can use “pass”
This has to be accepted by everyone without questioning it on “why”.

The Questions
Are allowed to be funny. Are allowed to be confusing. Are allowed to be weird.

Need to be respectful and age-appropriate(for all players).
It is not allowed to ask too personal questions or embarrassing ones.

“Never have I ever reused a plastic bag”
“Never have I ever helped a homeless person”
“Never have I ever studied last minute for a test”
“Never have I ever binge watched a series”
“Never have I ever cringed if old people use “hip” words”
“Never have I ever danced like nobody’s watching”
“Never have I ever been on a night out”
“Never have I ever been shopping”
“Never have I ever bought something stupid just for the sake of it”
“Never have I ever got in trouble for talking during lessons”
“Never have I ever laughed at a horror movie”
“Never have I ever watched a horror movie”
“Never have I ever read a whole book”
“Never have I ever used Instagram”
“Never have I ever used Facebook”
“Never have I ever blamed my sibling for something I did”
“Never have I ever faked my homework”
“Never have I ever …”

Sources & Additional Materials
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