Promotion of the Discover EU Programme

Promotion of the Discover EU Programme
Main Topic
Mobility - Erasmus+
Additional Topic(s)
Mobility - Ownership of Public Space
1-2 hours
Implementation Mode
Indoor F2F
The objective of the activity is to make young people informed about the mobility opportunities that the European Union offers so that they can develop their active participation. The activity also aims to facilitate mobility opportunities for these young people so that they can strengthen their personal, social, citizenship and digital skills as active European citizens.
Overview of Activity
This activity is a non-formal learning activity that encourages young people aged 18 years to apply for the DiscoverEU programme. It aims to provide information to young people about mobility opportunities within European countries. By capturing young people's attention in this way, it is possible to engage them in experiencing personal growth allowed by travel and the discovery of cultural diversities through the DiscoverEU programme.
Description of Activity
To introduce the theme of the activity you can start with a dynamic ice-breaker by asking the young participants to name a European city they would like to visit. Then everyone has a few minutes to look for an interesting anecdote and a representative historical or contemporary character from the named city (mobile phones can be used for the search).

At the end of this introductory activity, it is time for the explanation of the DiscoverEU programme by using a Powerpoint presentation. This programme awards selected applicants (aged 18 and over) with a travel pass. The project offers the opportunity to discover Europe through a travel experience. Travel takes place mainly by train, leading to the discovery of Europe's variety of cities and breathtaking landscapes.

Two application rounds are held each year (the educator should indicate the exact deadlines for participation). Candidates will be selected until the available budget is exhausted and ranked according to their answers. In addition, from 2022 selected participants will receive a DiscoverEU discount card with reductions on cultural visits, learning activities, sports, local transport, accommodation, food, etc.

In the online guidelines it is then possible to identify the admission requirements, all the steps of the application procedure and to view the selection criteria. For more detailed information on the programme see the link in the Sources and Additional Materials section. It is therefore a good idea for those running the activity to prepare themselves properly by familiarising themselves with the programme described on the site.

At the end of the Powerpoint presentation, it is important to leave room for participants to ask questions. The last part of the activity is a simulation of the test to be taken by the programme candidates. The mock quiz consists of five multiple choice questions on the European Union in general and, specifically, on European mobility programmes for young people.
Sources & Additional Materials
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Materials: screen and projector

powerpoint presentation
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