Main Topic
Empowerment and Inclusion – Pride
Additional Topic(s)
Empowerment and Inclusion – Diversity
Empowerment and Inclusion – Gender
30-60 minutes
Implementation Mode
● Provide examples of different personal gender pronouns which can be used;

● Learn new ways of introducing people by their preferred gender pronouns

Expected Results

This exercise aims to support the inclusion of all individuals, irrespective of their gender, and will provide a range of examples which can improve relationships with the LGBTQ+ community.
Overview of Activity
The last time you used social media, did you notice that one of your followers using the terms he/his, she/hers, they/theirs after their name?

Awareness around using preferred gender pronouns is increasing day by day, so it’s important to learn more about the different gender pronouns that individuals can use. Gender is fluid, which means that it can change frequently, for this reason, it’s always a good idea to ask people for their preferred pronouns as they may change over time.

In this exercise, you will learn more about different pronouns that individuals can used to reference themselves.
Description of Activity
Sources & Additional Materials
Additional Notes
If you would like to explore this topic in more detail, have a look at these extra resources:

● Norway ready to add gender-neutral pronoun ‘hen’ to official language: "">

● 14 cute and colourful pronoun pins that’ll all hes, shes, zes, xes, pers and theys will love "">

● This is why the French dictionary adding a gender-neutral pronoun is such an ‘important step’: " ">

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