Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt
Main Topic
Mobility - Visibility of Youth
Additional Topic(s)
2-4 hours
Implementation Mode
Outdoor F2F
● Orientation

● Experience public space

● Intensive dealing with one's own city/place

● Creating of a scavenger hunt

● team spirit

Expected Results

Young people will learn how to create a scavenger hunt and get to know their own city better. This activity will also raise the team spirit.
Overview of Activity
Every city in the world has significant sightseeing. But what sights make the city special for you? What would you show off as a sightseeing? And what’s your colleagues opinion on that?

With this activity you are going to explore the city for your own sightseeing and send off your group for a scavenger hunt. Can you spot all of the sightseeing?
Description of Activity
1. Separate into two groups. Group 1 will create the scavenger hunt and group 2 will play it.

2. Group 1 should start thinking about:

What sightseeing is there to find?

Create riddles and tasks for your opponent group to solve. Every riddle or task will give them a clue for the sightseeing.

Create a WhatsApp (or other) Group to stay in contact with each other.

3. Take a stroll through your city, spot at least 5 sightseeing (your personal ones) and take a picture of the sight. Think about riddles and tasks which could give the opponent group a clue on the location of the sightseeing. The riddles could give clues for the location, street name or geo location data on where the sightseeing is to be found. Write everything down and also the right order. A scavenger hunt is always following a scripted path like on a treasure map.

4. Think also about a start and goal. Goal of this scavenger hunt is to find all 5 sightseeing. Where does the group start from? What is your first hint or riddle?

5. Agree that you use WhatsApp (or Snapchat, Telegram, what so ever) to stay in touch during the scavenger hunt. Riddles, tasks or clues are going to be send out via your communication tool. When the group found a sightseeing they are going to send a picture of it to you. This way you can check if they found the right one.

6. If your group (scavenger hunters) found all 5 sightseeing you switch.
Sources & Additional Materials
● Smartphone

● Notepad

● Pen

● Pictures of personal sightseeing

Additional Notes

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