Shake it off

Shake it off
Main Topic
Health – Mental
Additional Topic(s)
Other - Music
30-60 minutes
Implementation Mode
Indoor F2F
With this activity young people will learn to find creative ways to handle negative emotions. They will also create body movements and learn that moving your body can lift your emotions. Also they will prepare an emergency kit they can use, easy and everywhere, if they get overwhelmed with negative emotions.

Overview of Activity
Sometimes our emotions get the better of us and we tend to get angry or sad. And sometimes we don’t even know why.
But you know what?
We can just shake that off!
In this activity we are going to prepare ourselves a “shake it off”-dance which is our emergency kit for bad emotions and guarantees us a better feeling afterwards.
Description of Activity
Browse tik tok or YouTube for short dance sequences that look like fun.
This activity is not about learning a difficult dance or to become professional dancers, it is about how dancing and moving your body can improve your feelings and turn negative emotions into more positive ones.
Try to find funny dance moves. Have you ever tried these ones:
“the sprinkler”, “the bus driver”, “the John Travolta” or a classic one “the windscreen wiper”
Internalise at least 5 different “silly dance moves”
Now go back on YouTube or choose something else like Spotify and search a fun song.
It could be a silly song, a kids song, your favourite song or an old song. Whatever makes you smile/smirk/lough!
Last but not least try your “silly dance moves” with your song and create a fun dance sequence. If you want film yourself to remember the dance.
Whenever you feel angry, sad or just a bit down turn on that song, remember the dance sequence and just shake these bad emotions off!

Have fun!
Sources & Additional Materials
Smartphones with internet access
Additional Notes

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