Sharing is Caring

Sharing is Caring
Main Topic
Solidarity – Participation
Additional Topic(s)
Solidarity - Civic Activities
Solidarity - Social Activities
Solidarity - Volunteering
1 day
Implementation Mode
Indoor F2F
● Share kindness in your community

● Help people in need

● Learn that it is important to help others

● Strengthening the feeling of community

Expected Results

Young people learn the value and importance of sharing. They take action in their community and therefore strengthen their feeling of being part of society.
Overview of Activity
There are around 22.000 unsheltered people in Austria. As a community it is our duty to help each other and look out for each other. But how can you help?

Have you ever heard of the wall of kindness?

The wall of kindness is somewhat like a social media trend for charity.

Everything started in Mashhad, Iran. The act was intended to support people in need. The idea is simple: you hang clothes on a wall and people who need them can take them. For free. It already helped many unsheltered people and people in need especially during the cold winter months.

With this activity you create your own wall of kindness and help out people in need of fresh, nice and warm clothes.

Spread good things!
Description of Activity
1. Create a poster for your “wall of kindness” and organise some hangers (if you need them for free you can ask clothing shops if there are any spares; if you can’t get your hands on free hangers, you could always fold the clothes and lay them out on a blanket)

2. Check out your own wardrobe first, are there any clothes you don’t like to wear anymore, or they don’t fit anymore? Why not hand them over to people in need?

3. Ask around in your peer group, your friends or family, they surely have one or two pieces of clothes they don’t need anymore and are happy to give away

4. Once you’ve collected the clothes, go out for a walk and choose a nice spot where you can hang your clothes and poster (check the internet first: there might already be some spaces from organisations where you can put them)

5. Come back on a fair-weather day with your collected clothes and prepared poster. Create an attractive display for the clothes.
Sources & Additional Materials
Additional Notes
Please make sure that the clothes are in good condition. Do not use damaged clothes. Ensure yourself that your city is allowing walls of kindness to not get into trouble. After your activity, take another day to check on your wall of kindness and the condition of it.

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