Social Media and Body Image

Social Media and Body Image
Main Topic
Health – Mental
Additional Topic(s)
30-60 minutes
Implementation Mode
● Emphasize the phenomenon of ‘fake news’ and general fake stuff on social media

● Investigate relationship between family issues/relationships

Expected Results

Reducing time spent by people on social media and to focus more on self (development/relationships)
Overview of Activity
How social media affects young people. There can be positive and negative impacts.

- body image

- self-development
Description of Activity
Ask yourself:

1. How does social media make you feel?

2. How can you distance yourself?

3. Who are you without social media?

4. What to do instead of scrolling?

You could also do a social experiment an lock phones in school safe for the weekend!
Sources & Additional Materials
● Images - real vs photoshopped
Additional Notes
Activity created by the community in a Youth Courage workshop in Ireland.

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