Main Topic
Solidarity - Social Activities
Additional Topic(s)
Empowerment and Inclusion – Diversity
Solidarity - Participation
30-60 minutes
Implementation Mode
Indoor F2F
● Participants get to know each other.

Expected Results

● Participants get to know each other and the activity instigates discussion amongst participants.
Overview of Activity
It is sometimes difficult for participants to adapt to new groups, especially in intercultural setups. Having energisers at the beginning of the meetings helps participants to get to know each other and relax. “Tapping” is an energiser where participants sit beside each other in a circle, so that everyone can see each other. Eventually, participants will have fun and start smiling at each other.

As this game is a bit complicated, it is very important to have a facilitator who is familiar with the game.
Description of Activity
1. The facilitator should ask people to sit on a chair beside each other in a circle so that everyone can see each other’s acts. To do that, the facilitator may ask for the participants’ help to arrange the chair setup. When everyone sits and is ready to start the game, the facilitator starts giving instructions. Everyone should put their hands on the persons next to their seatmates’ knees and no one is allowed to put their hands on their own knees. For instance, participants put their right hand on the person’s left knee who is on their right and put their left hand on the person’s right knee who is on their left. To put these in other words, on a person’s left knee there is a right hand of the person on their left, and on the other knee is the left hand of the person on their right. As an example, please see the attached photo. As a rule, those who are late or wrong to tap on anyone’s knee are not allowed to use their hands anymore; they are just supposed to use tapping. They can simply keep their right/left hand on their backs. If someone is no longer able to use their two hands due to that rule, they are eliminated from the game. However, they should stay in the game by sitting on the chair because their knees are still in need to continue the game.

2. At the outset of the game, tapping on someone’s knee means that the direction continues as it had before. Usually, the facilitator should kick off the game by tapping on the person who is on their left hand side (in a clockwork direction). For instance, the facilitator may tap on their seatmate’s left knee on their right, using their right hand. Once the tapping occurs, the person whose left knee is tapped by the first person, they should wait because their left hand is on the previous person’s left knee, while their right hand is on the person’s left knee who is on their right now and is about to tap by their left hand on the person’s right knee whose left knee is just tapped by the facilitator. Now, the person in the middle shall tap on the next person’s left knee with their right hand. Thus, this game is played with hands and therefore the participants should follow the order and turn of hands of the participants.

3. Two consecutive taps on someone’s knee changes the direction of the game. For instance, above, the facilitator kicks off the game in the clockwise direction and if someone taps twice shortly on someone’s knee, the direction changes to counter clockwise. If that happens again, the direction is clockwise as well.

4. If someone punches someone’s knee, this is the 3rd rule, the next hand cannot be played by its holder and the turn goes to the next hand. Once a mistake is made by any participant, as written above, one hand is eliminated. Now, there is a question, what if so many people are eliminated from the game? In that case, the remaining participants should pay more attention to the game as it is becoming difficult to notice the movements of their hands.
Sources & Additional Materials
Additional Notes
Eventually, there will be 2-3 persons remaining out of 15 participants, but the eliminated ones should still sit and should not leave their seats, and in that case, those who are next to the remaining participants are still in the game with their knees.

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  1. We tried the activity and it was so much fun! A great way to connect with each other and bring the whole group closer together!


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