The Litter End

The Litter End
Main Topic
Solidarity – Volunteering
Additional Topic(s)
Mobility - Ownership of Public Space
Mobility - Visibility of Youth
Solidarity - Civic Activities
Solidarity - Participation
1-2 hours
Implementation Mode
Outdoor F2F
● Young people become aware of the amounts of litter on the ground

● They become active against littering

● Walking in nature improves our physical health and mental health

Expected Results

Young people become aware of the amounts of litter and the problem this causes for nature and animals. They become active citizens and take action against the garbage problem near streets and forests. Walking outside is good for physical and mental health.
Overview of Activity
People litter. And this is a big threat for nature, animals and at the end of the day, for us humans too.

Let’s take action!

Grab your rubber gloves and bin bags and put an end to litter.

This activity combines walking and picking up litter to help you and nature.
Description of Activity
1. Get together in groups and discuss walking routes. Tipp: choose an area that is affected by the litter problem.

2. Take rubber gloves and bin bags, different ones to separate waste, and go out for a walk.

3. While on the walk, keep your eyes open for litter. Pick up the litter and put it in your bags.

4. Take a selfie to remind yourself of your achievement and good deed!

5. When your bag is full, dump it at (or in) the nearest garbage collection point.

6. If you want to make this activity more challenging and fun, turn it into a competition: whoever collects the most litter wins a prize. The prize can be whatever you like: sweets, gets to choose the playlist for the next working session or gets complimented by the whole group.
Sources & Additional Materials
● rubber gloves

● bin bags

● if available sticks for picking up litter

● Plogging: " ">
Additional Notes
Make sure that route is safe.

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