The Talking Box

The Talking Box
Main Topic
Health – Mental
Additional Topic(s)
30-60 minutes
Implementation Mode
Indoor F2F
● Young people will be aware of their emotions/feelings

● Learn how to listen/comfort each other

● Learn to be ore self-confident

● Learn from each other’s experiences

Expected Results

Young people will be more aware of their emotions and feeling and will learn to listen to each other. They will also learn how to comfort each other, rise their self-confidence and learn from each other’s experiences.
Young people will also be more aware of others problems or issues and will feel more at ease with each other. Participants will learn to be more tolerant and the importance about “think before you speak”.
Overview of Activity
This helps the participants to reflect on their emotions and their feelings and encourages empathy. It also fights prejudice and overcomes taboo topics.
Description of Activity
1. Create a safe environment and explain that the messages in the box will be anonymous.

2. Get together in a circle

3. Distribute the sheets of paper and pencils

4. Encourage everyone to write about insecurities, fears, taughts, emotions, questions …

5. The youth worker will collect the sheets of paper in the box

6. The youth worker will than shuffle the box and pick up a sheet of paper from the box. He / She will than read it to the circle and start the discussion.

7. Everyone should now try to help the anonymous person to solve the problem or answer the question.

8. Tipp: to make it even more anonymous collect the sheets of paper way in advance. For example put the box outside your group room and encourage everyone to throw in a sheet of paper whenever they feel like it. Once a week one sheet will be read out loud and discussed.

9. RULES: respect each other, violence or violence talk is strictly forbidden, negative judgements about topics are not allowed;
Sources & Additional Materials
● A box, sheets of paper and pencils
Additional Notes

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