The way this makes me feel

The way this makes me feel
Main Topic
Health – Mental
Additional Topic(s)
Mobility - Visibility of Youth
1-2 hours
Implementation Mode
Indoor F2F
Young people will explore how social media posts make them feel and will learn how to avoid postings that trigger negative emotions.
Overview of Activity
In this activity you will reflect on how social media posts make you feel and you will learn ways to deal with your emotions on social media.
Description of Activity
Come together in a circle of chairs. One after another is now opening their social media. This can be either Instagram or tik tok or else. It should be the social media you use most.

Look at the first post you see.
Describe for the group what you see and if you want or can show it to the group.

Now close your eyes and tell the group what emotions this post triggered in you. Does this post make you laugh, angry, sad…

Now reflect:
Is this someone you follow?
Is it an advert?
Who is this person who posted this? And you think of a reason why they posted it?
Why are you following this person?
What are the postings from this person usually about?
If you have negative feelings about the posts, why do you keep following this person?
What can you do to avoid seeing posts like this?
(Stop following, blocking, …)
What would you like to see on social media instead?

If you had negative emotions with the post you just saw, try to find a short post or video that gives you good emotions using the “search” function instead of scrolling.

Go on until everyone had the chance to talk about their posts and the way that made them feel.

Sources & Additional Materials
Smartphone and internet access
Additional Notes

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