Think, Think Again, Then Say It All

Think, Think Again, Then Say It All
Main Topic
Solidarity - Social Activities
Additional Topic(s)
Health - General
Health - Mental
5-30 minutes
Implementation Mode
Indoor F2F
• Develop inclusive practices

• Practice active listening

• Deepen empathy

Expected Results

By the end of this activity participants will be more familiar with the thoughts and feelings of their peers on a given topic or theme through actively listening to what they had to say as well as responding to them. Empathy skills could also be developed
Overview of Activity
During Covid-19, many of us lost contact with those who were in our weekly or monthly lives. The introduction of various measures and rules responding to Covid-19. We had to form our own ‘bubbles’ or withdraw even further to a reclusive environment. With this, we lost the daily, weekly or monthly interactions with friends, family members, colleagues, team mates, the shop assistant, and any other member of society you might have had normal, regular interactions with.

This is a simple game that could be used as a quick ice-breaker or as a longer, stand-alone activity which aims to develop active listening, inclusive practices and empathy for others situations and perspective. The aim is to simulate a safe space for sharing thoughts and posing questions in an effort to reconnect with people and to (re)learn these simple skills.
Description of Activity
1. Watch "">Video #1 (4 mins 40 seconds) on active listening.
("">Video #2 is additional, it is not necessary to watch but can be included)

2. Set a theme or topic for the game. This theme or topic will guide the questions and/or observations for the next steps. For example, the topic/theme could be “(re)emerging after Covid-19”, “responding to climate change”, or “my hobbies and my mental health”.

3. The facilitator, with ball in hand, starts by posing a question or sharing an observation in-line with the theme/topic.

4. Participants wishing to respond raise their hands, and the facilitator passes the ball to them.

5. The person who received the ball must first respond to the first speaker’s question or comment before adding their own question or comment

Question example: Person 1: How do you feel now, after the pandemic is officially over? Person 2: I feel better now than I did during the first lockdown. What is your favourite thing to do now, that you couldn’t do during the pandemic? Person 3: answer and pose question

Observation example: Person 1: The Covid-19 lockdowns gave me time to slow down and start new hobbies and I enjoyed that. Person 2: I hated everything about Covid-19, I feel I have more healthy time now to do the hobbies and activities I want to do. So many business are closing down now, even after Covid-19 is over. Person 3: respond and make another comment/observation

6. This continues until everyone has had time to share. If the facilitator notices anybody being a bit shy or disinterested, fairly encourage them to take part.

Sources & Additional Materials
• "">Active Listening: How To Communicate Effectively - YouTube (4:40)

• "">The Big Bang Theory Active Listening - english sub - YouTube (1:55)
● A ball or something to throw/pass
Additional Notes

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