This Is How We Do It

This Is How We Do It
Main Topic
Solidarity – Participation
Additional Topic(s)
Empowerment and Inclusion – Cultural Identity
Empowerment and Inclusion – Diversity
1-2 hours
Implementation Mode
Indoor F2F
This activity seeks to encourage commitment, creativity, and courage form participants. It endeavours to provide participants with a deeper understanding of their culture and the connection between culture and values. By working from a basic 'ill fitting' definition it helps participants to redefine culture into something that they understand and connect with.
Overview of Activity
To recognise how culture is related to how things are done and explore our relationship between values and participation.
Description of Activity
1. Start by brainstorming the question 'What is culture?' with the group. Then ask how they would feel if someone discriminated against them because of their culture and made the excuse that 'This Is How We Do It'.
2. Discuss with participants the concept that culture is something that changes, and adapts. That it is fluid rather than static and often develops over time. For example, seatbelts weren't always common practice the way they are today.
3. Split participants into groups of 4 people, allowing enough space between each group so that they can freely discuss without needing to whisper.
4. Set a time limit and ask each group to design some basic cultural practices. This could include:
- A greeting i.e. saying hello, a handshake, etc.
- Forbidden Behaviours or Taboo concepts
- How are decisions made in this culture?
- Choose 5 values in this culture
- What are the most common careers associated with this culture.
5. Now in world café style, ask each participant from group one to join another group. The new group member should share their groups culture with the new group. Ask the groups to now work together to redesign their culture introducing ideas that the groups like and dropping some that no longer serve a purpose.
6. Once this has been done ask each participant from group two (including their new participant from group one) to join another group, repeat the process in step five.
7. Repeat the process of integrating the groups until their are two groups left. Ask each group to present their cultures.
8. In a final debrief, discuss what drove each group to make decisions on how to integrate ideas from the new participants? What concepts were similiar between the two groups? What common concepts were evident early on?
Sources & Additional Materials
Additional Notes
This activity requires some preparation - it is recommended that you become familiar with it before delivering it with young people. Consider the space and time required to deliver with your group.

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