Tongue Twister Race

Tongue Twister Race
Main Topic
Mobility – Sports
Additional Topic(s)
Health - Physical
1-2 hours
Implementation Mode
Outdoor F2F
1- Encourage participants to improve their pronunciation, enunciation, and articulation while reciting tongue twisters under pressure.

2- Foster collaboration and camaraderie among participants as they work together to overcome obstacles and complete the race as a team.

3- Provide a platform for individuals to challenge themselves and build confidence in their ability to perform under challenging circumstances.

4- Promote a lighthearted and enjoyable atmosphere where participants can laugh, have fun, and enjoy the playful nature of tongue twisters.

5- Incorporate physical challenges and obstacles into the race course to promote physical activity and movement while participants engage in the tongue twister competition.
Overview of Activity
Tongue Twister Race is an energetic and entertaining activity designed to challenge participants both mentally and physically as well as encourage their pronunciation skills while promoting teamwork, communication, and laughter. With careful planning and organisation, it's sure to be a memorable and enjoyable experience for all involved.
Description of Activity
- Choose a variety of tongue twisters with varying difficulty levels. Ensure that they are clear and easy to understand, yet challenging enough to trip up participants.
- Choose an outdoor space large enough to accommodate the race course and obstacles. Ensure that the area is free of hazards and obstacles that could pose a safety risk.
- Arrange obstacles along the race course to create a challenging but manageable route. Use cones, ropes, hurdles, and other equipment to mark the course and create obstacles.
- Collect materials needed for the race, including markers or cones for marking the course, tongue twister boards or signs for each obstacle station, and any additional props or equipment needed for the obstacles.
- Organise participants into teams of equal size. Aim to have an equal mix of ages, abilities, and experience levels on each team to promote inclusivity and teamwork.

Introduction and Instructions
- Gather all participants at the starting line and provide a brief introduction to the Tongue Twister Race.
- Explain the rules of the race, including how to navigate the obstacle course and recite the tongue twisters at each station.
Start the Race:
-Line up all teams at the starting line and signal the start of the race.
-Encourage participants to work together, communicate effectively, and support each other as they navigate the obstacles and recite the tongue twisters.
Navigate Obstacles:
-Participants must work together to navigate the obstacle course, overcoming challenges such as hurdles, weaving through cones, and balancing on ropes or beams.
-At each obstacle station, participants must stop to read aloud the tongue twister displayed on the board or sign before proceeding to the next obstacle.
Complete the Course:
-Teams continue to move through the course, completing each obstacle and reciting each tongue twister along the way.
-Encourage participants to stay focused, maintain a steady pace, and support each other throughout the race.
Finish Line and Celebration:
-The first team to successfully complete the race and cross the finish line is declared the winner.
-Celebrate the accomplishments of all participants with cheers, applause, and words of encouragement.
-Award prizes or certificates to the winning team and recognize individual participants for their efforts and achievements.
Sources & Additional Materials
Additional Notes
In addition to safety, emphasise the playful nature of the activity, encouraging participants to enjoy themselves and have fun throughout the race. Promote inclusivity by creating a welcoming environment where participants of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds feel valued and supported. Capture memories by taking photos and videos to document the experience, creating lasting mementos for participants to cherish.

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