Two truths and one lie

Two truths and one lie
Main Topic
Mobility - Erasmus+
Additional Topic(s)
Mobility - Visibility of Youth
1-2 hours
Implementation Mode
Indoor F2F
Young people will learn more about the EU countries and will learn to separate facts from fake news.
Overview of Activity
In this activity you should find two true facts and one fake fact about an EU- country of your choice.
This will help you to learn more about countries in the EU and is a fun way to explore.
Description of Activity
Step one: Every person chooses one country of the EU. It can be a country they visited, where they lived before or a country they would like to visit. Do not tell the others which country you chose.

Step two: Google facts about this country, they can be about food, population or geographical facts. Be aware that a fact cannot be a prejudice! One you found 2 facts try to come up with a lie about the country.

Step three: Once everyone found 2 facts and one lie about the country of their choice they meet in a circle of chairs.

Step four: One after the other will now name 2 facts and one lie about the country. The rest of the group need to spot the lie. If the group is wrong the person gets a point. Is the group right, the person is out.

Step five: Continue until every one either got a point or is out of the game. The ones with a point need to play again against the group who was out of the game. Continue until you have a winner.
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