What’s behind the Rainbow?

What’s behind the Rainbow?
Main Topic
Empowerment and Inclusion – Pride
Additional Topic(s)
Empowerment and Inclusion – Gender
1-2 hours
Implementation Mode
Indoor F2F
Young people learn more about the symbols of LGBTQ+ social movements and Pride.
Young people learn to be open minded about differences.
Young people will learn more about Pride and LGBTQ+ movements and their symbols. This way they will learn to celebrate differences.
Overview of Activity
The rainbow is symbol of LGBTQ+ social movements. Did you ever wonder why?

Let’s find out with this activity!

All you need is a poster or flipchart paper, pens in the colours of a rainbow, a black pen and your smartphone with internet access.
Description of Activity
1) Draw a big rainbow on your poster. Every member of your group should at least draw one colour. But make sure to add the colours in the right order.
2) Once your rainbow is finished look at the colours. Each colour in the rainbow flag has a meaning. What do you think? Add a meaning to each colour (e.g. red = love) There are no wrong answers. Write the meaning into the colour, make sure that everyone has the chance to add at least one meaning.
3) When finished google the real meaning behind the rainbow flag and the meanings behind each colour. Try to answer the following questions:
- Which meaning is behind each colour?
- Why is the rainbow symbol for the LGBTQ+ movement?
- What does LGBTQ+ stand for?
- What does “pride” mean?
- When is the pride month and why was this month chosen?
4) Circle the true meanings behind the colours of your rainbow or add them to the colours on your poster. Also add all the answers you have found as one sentence to your poster.
Sources & Additional Materials
Additional Notes

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