Write and Tell

Write and Tell
Main Topic
Solidarity - Social Activities
Additional Topic(s)
5-30 minutes
Implementation Mode
Indoor F2F
● The activity aims to enhance participants' creativity and imagination as they write their own sentences to contribute to the story based on the chosen topic. This encourages them to think outside the box and come up with unique ideas.

● By collectively forming a story from individual sentences, the activity promotes collaboration and teamwork among participants.

Expected Results

● Through the activity, participants are expected to expand their creative thinking skills by generating imaginative and unique sentences that contribute to the story.

● By working together to form a coherent story, participants will develop stronger collaboration and teamwork skills.
Overview of Activity
In the middle is a box with multiple sheets of paper on various subjects. The topic of the story is revealed when a participant is chosen to pick a card from the box. The drafting of a story based on the selected topic is then started by all participants. Every person adds one sentence to the story to advance it. When everyone has finished, the facilitator gathers the sentences and puts them in order to create a logical narrative. After that, the story is read aloud so that everyone can take in the fantastic tale they have all worked so hard to create. This practice fosters a sense of excitement and participation in the craft of storytelling while encouraging creativity, cooperation, and effective communication.
Description of Activity
1. The facilitator gathers the participants in one place and puts several pieces of paper with different topics in one box

2. One chosen participant picks a card from the box, and then all participants should write a story about the topic written on the card.

3. Each participant writes one sentence on the topic and the facilitator asks everyone to bring their papers in order to form the story.

4. The story then should be read out.
Sources & Additional Materials
Additional Notes
● Avoid sensitive topics, such as politics, religion and racism.

● The story should be fun and the activity is designed to enjoy and create a nice atmosphere.

● Use PC (political correctness) language.

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