Youth Anglers Group

Youth Anglers Group
Main Topic
Mobility – Sports
Additional Topic(s)
Health - Mental
Health - Physical
1-2 hours
Implementation Mode
Outdoor F2F
● To learn a new skill or develop a new hobby

● Practice socialising in nature and link it with wellbeing and mental health
Overview of Activity
This activity provides young people with the opportunity to learn how to fish, whilst meeting new people and developing a respect for nature
Description of Activity
1. Health & safety talk - physical 7 environment

2. divide into smaller teams/groups with a leader in each one who is familiar with fishing and the equipment

3. Set up your rod and show other people how to set up their rod

4. put on your bait

5. cast it out and remain patient until you get a bite

6. reel it in, get net ready

7. remove hook safely from fish and release fish back into water

8. regroup and discuss what was learned & plan for next session
Sources & Additional Materials
● fishing rod

● fishing lures

● dead bait

● fishing net

● pliers
Additional Notes
Photograph journal of experiences to be kept after each session

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